Book Awards for Return to Leipzig and The Golden Cup

May 03, 2023 by Maria Ritter
I am honored and excited to share that two of my works, Return to Leipzig (2022) and The Golden Cup (2020), are now award-winning books.

Return to Leipzig: Letters of War and Care is the recipient of Illumination Book Awards’ 2023 bronze medal in Biography/Memoir - Inspiration.

This memoir, a collection of letters and memories, chronicles the relationship between my family in Germany and a Los Angeles church during the years following World War Two. These letters tell a story of human compassion, survival, and the power of faith.

Additionally, in September 2022, Return to Leipzig was inducted and placed into the library of the Documentation Centre for Flight, Refugees and Reconciliation in Berlin, Germany. Return to Dresden, my 2004 memoir, was also inducted.

The Golden Cup has received eLit Book Awards’ bronze medal in Short Story Fiction.

An illustrated short story, The Golden Cup follows Sieglinde, a young woman who has always felt different from her sisters—until she discovers a secret treasure hidden deep in the soil of her late mother’s strawberry field. This is a tale of emotion, hope, and the discovery of hidden gifts.

I never expected such recognition for either book, and I want to thank Illumination Book Awards and eLit Book Awards for these honors, as well as you readers for your continuing support.

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