Father's Day and Garden Gnomes

Jun 15, 2018 by Maria Ritter
If you have lately visited The Hope Depot, Walmart or CVS, you must have noticed in their garden department a variety of funny looking little figurines, the garden gnomes, to bring you good luck as you are planting your spring garden. I have several such gnomes standing around our front yard, dressed in colorful outfits, wearing red cone hats and posing in different inviting and guarding positions to help with the flower gardens.

They are known in folklore as garden dwarfs (Germany), nisse or tomte (in Scandinavian countries). I knew all about them as a child especially during the Christmas Season. I read about them living in the woods, under the earth and hoarding treasures and gold. They protected the farm from bad trolls, and in one account, they even did all the hard labor for people in Cologne, Germany, until the people blew it.

One night, our hero, Wilhelm, was visited by the gnomes in a dream, and he became determined to find them in the woods in Sweden (see below). He ventured there on his own and found what he was looking for, Erik and Elsa. He discovered a different world, he learned to make new friends and tested his courage to face evil.

There is much to be learned from following your dreams.

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Father's Day and Garden Gnomes